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Cannabis Terpene Profile Testing: Why is it Important?

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Meta description  – Wondering why cannabis terpene profile testing is important, and why you need to use accredited cannabis testing labs in California? Belcosta has put together the facts on terpene analysis for cannabis and hemp, check it out.

Many manufacturers and cultivators still wonder why terpene profile testing is important in the cannabis industry. Well, you cannot fully discuss cannabis or hemp without talking about their terpene composition.

Just like the taste and aroma of pizzas makes them different, so does the terpene profile of cannabis and hemp make them unique – Terpenes are responsible for their unique scent and aroma.

Beyond that, terpenes synergize with cannabinoids like CBD and THC to make up the therapeutic profile of cannabis and hemp products. This is called the “entourage effect.”

However, note that terpenes may also exhibit irritating and toxic effects when present in unusually high concentrations.

That’s more reason California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control has mandated terpene analysis as an important part of California cannabis testing.

BelCosta Labs is fully accredited by A2LA – the reputable accrediting body – to handle all kinds of compliance tests, including terpene analysis, and we are one of the leading cannabis testing labs in California.

We utilize Headspace Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detection (HS – GC – FID) for our terpene analysis, which complies with the requirements for cannabis testing in California. You can schedule a pickup for terpene testing with us today.

Now, let’s briefly describe terpenes better, and the reasons why terpene testing for cannabis & hemp is important.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are a large group of aromatic organic compounds, which occur naturally in cannabis, hemp, and other plants.

Biologically, the terpene compositions in plants naturally fend off predators and attract pollinators to ensure growth, while giving the plant a unique aroma and flavor.  

However, in cannabis and hemp, each strain has a unique terpene profile, which gives them their distinctive scent and flavor.

More so, as mentioned earlier, terpenes work together with cannabinoids such as CBD and THC to produce therapeutic benefits, in a process called the “entourage effect”

An entourage effect simply means the terpenes and cannabinoids interact with each other to intensify their individual benefits and counter potential side effects.

Why is Terpene Profile Testing Important?

You cannot determine the terpene profile of any strain of cannabis or hemp after harvesting until you submit it for terpene profile testing.

Although both cannabis and hemp plants contain terpene, their potencies differ based on several factors, such as soil type, climate, and age of the crop.

More so, terpene profiles may differ based on whether they are present in an extract or in flower.

When cannabis is heated through the extraction process, it often leads to a significant reduction in terpenes, and this results in an end product that lacks the full phytochemical profile of the plant.

However, terpenes in flowers may yield predictable potency testing results.

So, since consumers may need the whole plant profile to relieve their symptoms, it is important to know precisely what the flower or finished product contains, hence, terpene profile testing.

Terpene analysis allows you to highlight the tepene content of your product to educate your customers on why they should try the product for their symptoms. Also, testing hemp for terpenes may inform customers on products to avoid based on potential allergies.

Extra Benefits for You as a Manufacturer or Cultivator

  • Identifying the terpene profile of a cannabis strain helps you make informed marketing strategies.
  • Identifying specific terpenes can help increase desired terpene compounds in cultivation programs.

Common Types of Terpenes in Cannabis & Hemp

Interestingly, cannabis contains over a hundred different terpenes. But currently, there are approximately 100 fully identified types.

Some of the most potent terpenes in cannabis include:

Beta-Myrcene: This is the most common terpene in cannabis products. Most times, it makes up about 65% of the terpene makeup of a single strain. It is often associated with anti-inflammatory effects and relaxation properties. This is helpful for people suffering from sleep deprivation and pain. Also, myrcene synergizes with CBD and THC to boost the absorption of cannabinoids by the body. However, at high concentrations, this terpene may cause cancer.

Limonene – This is the second most common terpene type in cannabis plants. It is said to show benefits for stress, anxiety, and depression, and it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. However, in high concentrations, it can pose a danger to health and trigger allergic reactions.

Linalool: This terpene is what gives that calming, soothing aroma to Lavender. When it interacts with cannabinoids, it helps boost relaxation and ward off stress. It also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. However, in high concentrations, linalool may cause minor allergic reactions and cause eye and skin irritation.

Scheduling Terpene Profile Testing with BelCosta Labs

By now you should see why terpene testing for cannabis & hemp is important. Consumers deserve to stay informed of the amount and types of terpenes present in a cannabis flower or product they’re adding to their routine. You need to be sure of your plant’s safety and compliance.

Hence, scheduling a pickup for Terpene analysis with an accredited third-party testing lab like BelCosta is the best thing you can do to stay compliant with guidelines set by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control.

BelCosta Labs maintains the highest standard in the industry and that’s why we’re continuously accredited by A2LA.

Besides terpene testing, we also carry out potency testing, California compliance testing, microbiological testing, pesticide testing, heavy metal testing, mycotoxin testing, and many more.

We also offer same-day or next-day pickups, give you access to lab data and results, and the best pricing. You can Schedule a Tour with us today.



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