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Choosing the Best Lab Testing Services in California

Choosing the Best Lab Testing Services in California

Now that it is mandated that every cannabis and hemp product in California go through compliance testing, it is imperative that you find a certified third-party testing company that is fully accredited to conduct all cannabis testing required by the State of California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control.

In other words, cannabis cultivators and infused product manufacturers must pass their products through California cannabis compliance testing before they can enter the legal marketplace.

What Cannabis Compliance Tests are required?

Some mandatory tests include:

·         California compliance

·         Microbiological testing

·         Potency testing

·         Terpene testing

·         Pesticide testing

·         Heavy metal testing

·         Mycotoxin testing

·         Water activity, etc.

However, choosing the best lab testing companies has been a major challenge as many cannabis consulting services do not uphold good practices and regulatory standards.

But don’t worry, there’s good news for you! BelCosta Labs has been a leader in providing quality, consistent, and accurate analytical testing to the cannabis industry. Since 2007, we’ve been providing premium cannabis compliance testing in California and Sacramento.

You can easily order tests through our client service portal, view results, and communicate with our dedicated customer service representatives. Importantly, we’re A2LA accredited, and we have ISO-17025 certification.

What are the Challenges in Cannabis Lab Testing California?

Now, like I mentioned earlier, it might be quite challenging choosing the right cannabis consulting services for compliance testing, as many companies out there are inconsistent in their methodologies and results, and some try to cut corners just to make more profit. 

Luckily, we’ve put together some key factors to consider when choosing the best lab testing services for cannabis compliance in California.

Choosing the Best Lab Testing Companies in California: What to Consider

Here are some criteria to keep in mind:

Check Methodologies

Many cannabis compliance companies do not have standard testing methods to provide accurate, repeatable results, and are not accredited by regulatory bodies.

You need to be careful here if you intend to hold on to Quality Assurance.

BelCosta Labs is a leading cannabis-testing lab with an amazing science team who are nationally renowned experts both within the cannabis and agricultural space.

We combine customized technology, analytical methods, and years of expertise in the cannabis industry to formulate standardized methodologies for compliance in the state of California.

We have a system that can produce repeatable results and you can easily access your lab data through our simplified Client service portal.

Check their Technology

You don’t want to subscribe to traditional methods that cannot produce a fast, repeatable, and reliable result.

Our laboratory footprint eliminates the need for multiple analytical instruments through the combination of HPLC, LC-MS/MS, GC, and ICP-MS to provide a fast compositional analysis. This allows us to scale up operations and manage hundreds of samples daily.

More so, at BelCosta, our technology includes equipment with system accuracy calibration and error prevention, real-time online client service portal with customized lab information management system.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and do not cut corners, and that’s the main reason we’re continuously accredited by A2LA.

Customer Service Operations

The best cannabis compliance companies have experienced and dedicated customer-service teams who are always willing to guide you through every stage of your compliance testing.

BelCosta Labs has built a system that works and you can easily reach out to your dedicated customer service representative between 8am – 6 pm Monday – Friday.

Although our client service portal is designed for you to request pickup, submit samples, view results and carry out several other important functions, if you still feel the need to communicate with someone, we’re open to speak to you until you find answers to any questions you may have.

So, Where is the Best Way to Go?

Always keep in mind that your cannabis products will not make it into the legal market place if you don’t fulfill the requirements for compliance. The Bureau of Cannabis Control is strict with their guidelines and the only way to go is to choose reputable third-party cannabis consulting services.

BelCosta has been filling this major gap in supply chain – lab –testing – and our amazing team of experts has been consistent in their delivery of top-notch compliance testing in California.

You can contact us today to help bridge the gap between regulatory compliance and your business operations. We help you innovate faster on a safe pedestal.



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