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Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana & Why Testing is Important: BelCosta Labs

Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

The 2002 inception of synthetic weed into the market was met with wide acceptance across the United States. This wide range acceptance of “synthetic marijuana” or “fake weed” or “spice” was because the product produced the psychotic effects of natural cannabis. Plus, it’s untraceable in urine/drug tests. 

You’ve probably seen the stats and market frenzy that surrounds synthetic weed. For some, it poses an opportunity to make a killing in sales. However, the use of synthetic weed is not without negative side effects. Some of the long-term effects are memory loss and paralysis.  

In this article, we’d take an in-depth look at what synthetic marijuana is. Its negative side effects, and why testing your cannabis is important to avoid retailing synthetic marijuana. 

What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Also known as “fake weed” or “spice,” is a type of designer drug made up of a mixture of chemicals that are sprayed onto dried herbs and then smoked. The chemicals in synthetic marijuana are often similar to those found in natural marijuana. But they can be much more potent and dangerous. Synthetics are especially hard to spot from natural herbs since they share many similarities. 

However, synthetic marijuana is relatively new and constantly changing. So it can be difficult to know exactly what it contains, which is why testing is equally important.

BelCosta Labs is fully accredited by A2LA – the reputable accrediting body – to handle all kinds of compliance tests, including the cannabinoid potency test – a process that uses liquid chromatography with Diode Array Detector or UHPLC-DAD to measure the quantity and quality of THC and CBD in marijuana test sample.  The test makes it possible to pick and choose which marijuana is safe for consumer’s consumption.

However, one of the biggest dangers of synthetic marijuana is that it can be much more potent than natural marijuana. Because the chemicals used in synthetic marijuana are often more powerful than those found in natural marijuana. Users can experience more intense effects, such as hallucinations and delusions. This can be especially dangerous if the user is not expecting these effects. As they may not know how to handle them and could end up harming themselves or others.

Another danger of synthetic marijuana is that it can be more harmful to the body than natural marijuana. Because synthetic marijuana is made up of a mixture of chemicals. It can be more toxic to the body than natural marijuana, which is a naturally-occurring plant. This can lead to a range of health problems. Including nausea, vomiting, rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and even seizures. In some cases, synthetic marijuana has been linked to heart attacks and other serious health issues.

Importance of Cannabis Lab Testing in California

One of the main reasons why testing is so important when it comes to marijuana is that it can be difficult to know exactly what it contains. Because synthetic marijuana is often made up of a mixture of chemicals. The exact composition can vary greatly from one batch to the next. This means that users may not know exactly what they are taking and could be putting themselves at risk of experiencing dangerous side effects. 

Testing  marijuana also helps authorities identify the specific chemical content of marijuana . And also helps them take the necessary steps to ensure that users are aware of the potential risks of synthetic marijuana or to remove the product from the market. 

In addition to the dangers posed by the chemical composition of synthetic marijuana, there is also a risk of contamination. Because synthetic marijuana is often made in underground labs. There is a risk that it could be contaminated with other substances, such as pesticides or other chemicals. This can increase the toxicity of the drug and as well as the harmful side effects. 

By testing synthetic marijuana, authorities can identify and remove contaminated batches, helping to protect users from potential harm.

The dangers of synthetic marijuana are numerous and varied. The potential for more potent and toxic effects, as well as the risk of contamination. Make it clear that testing is important, and now consumers are always careful of the kind of cannabis product they’re consuming. 

In fact, if your product does not meet up to specifications set by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. It will not enter into the legal marketplace.

Final Words 

As cannabis growers or business owners, it’s not enough to consider how much you’d be raking from sales;. It’s equally important to maintain a reputation that helps you play the long-term entrepreneur game. Meaning you must pay attention to the quality of marijuana and the potency of the marijuana you provide. Plus, ensure that you do not provide weeds that are detrimental or with any long-term negative effects. Have your weed tested today for compliance in California. BelCosta is the leading laboratory to consult.



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