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Important Cannabis Consumer Trends in 2022 – Belcosta Labs

Important Cannabis Consumer Trends in 2022 - Belcosta Labs

Given that the cannabis market is driven by the growth in the utilization of cannabis for recreational and medical advantages. It has displayed notable top consumer trends for 2022. 

According to the BDSA report, the annual global cannabis sales of cannabis would experience an exponential growth of $30 billion valuation in 2021 to about $57 billion in 2026. A compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Even as we wrap up 2022. It’s pretty fair to say that the cannabis market did an incredible number and displays many explorable potentials for coming years. 

Understanding the CBD and top consumer trends of 2022 would rightly position your businesses to make the most of these trends as they sufficed. In this article, Belcosta labs help you understand these trends and utilize them!

Top 2 Cannabis Consumer Trend for 2022

Although weed compliance is one of the critical things you must pay attention to as a business that deals with it. It’s not the only attention-seeking event for 2022. Consumer Trends!

Staying competitive was a 2022 criterion for making the most out of the 2022 cannabis market. Interestingly attention to top consumer trends as they rise was the critical approach that gives you the headstart you need over competitors. But what were these trends, and how should you make the most of them in the coming days? Here are the Top 3:

  1. Pre-rolls and Vapes

As far as popular cannabis products are concerned, vapes and pre-roll joints top the list. Both were significant income and revenue sources for the 2020 and 2021 markets. It didn’t receive one bit in 2022 but instead breathtakingly paced up massive sales. 2022 records vape sales close to $2.6 billion, which burrow down as an $8 per cannabis consumer within the U.S.

But that’s not all there is to pre-rolls. The special pre-roll is an even more trendy aspect as it provides a variety of flavors and experiences users can choose from. It’s the spice and hot take to vapes and pre-rolls. Examples include the infused pre-rolls and additional pre-roll packs, both common strains in high demand.

Vapes and pre-rolls have experienced astonishing overall growth. Especially with the vapor pens up 28.1% and pre-rolls by 38.9% from their original value in 2020.

  1. Cannabis-Infused Beverages 

Grand View Research has revealed that the global cannabis-infused beverage market will be worth about $3 Billion in 2025. 

Big state cannabis markets like Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington saw a total of $67.8 million in sales for only infused beverages.

Apparently, the CBD-infused market is still relatively small for the proportion of the cannabis industry. As a result, it gives the go signal for the right business to leverage. 

  1. Cannabis-infused beauty products

Since infusing cannabis into beauty products is relatively new, it leaves room for many earning potential and opportunities. However, it’s a highly therapeutic approach to dealing with stress and offering your skin a comprehensive solution to anti-aging and pressure.

Given the Global cannabis market reports on the Emergence of cannabis legalization in Asia-Pacific as it presents quite an opportunity for businesses looking to leverage the beauty industry in a way that revolutionizes it.

Final Thoughts from BelCosta Labs

Starting a cannabis-centered company isn’t like any other business. It offers some unique experiences, and it is somehow quite more sensitive than others. Hence it begs your attention every step of the way. 

Usually, there isn’t any promised joy ride as the industry is highly competitive and drives uniformed and unprepared businesses into the ground. To either compete profitably, you need to outperform your competition and learn how to penetrate before it becomes too saturated.

Now that you’ve got the information on which of these top 2022 trends were promising. Nothing should stop you from executing them as a profitable idea.



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