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Monitoring & Testing Water Activity in Cannabis – Why is it important?

Monitoring & Testing Water Activity in Cannabis - Why is it important?

Controlling and monitoring water activity in cannabis is crucial as it helps prevent molds and many microbial growths and activity. As a result, you cannot only expect quality cannabis but also be sure that they do not confer any long-term side effects or negatively affect consumers who take cannabis for its medicinal and health benefits.

Do not confuse water activity with moisture analysis. Although they both play significant roles, overdrying destroys bud quality and badly affects your profits. Overdrying and the general drying process focus on the moisture content of the cannabis. However, water activity, if done right, helps you curtail the activities of microorganisms. Overall, water activities help you create unfavorable water conditions where microbes and molds cannot strive.

But, it’s only possible with acute monitoring and testing of water activities in your cannabis –which is one of the advantages we offer as a top-notch water activity testing lab in California

In this article, we’d help you understand the perks of water activities and provide the fantastic insight you’d quickly come across anywhere online.

Importance of Water Activity Testing in Cannabis

Water activity, without any doubt, is a crucial topic you must face as a cannabis grower or business owner. This factor is important as it could sometimes be too favorable or promote the growth and biological multiplication of mold and microbes in your flowers.

Water activities higher than 0.65 favor microorganisms’ growth and multiplications. While it is not entirely feasible to directly attack or kill microorganisms in cannabis without actually damaging the cannabis, making the environment uninhabitable is the next best thing. It starts with understanding which condition works for these microorganisms and which is detrimental.

Water activity tests at crucial drying, curing, and packaging stages of your process can ensure that the water conditions in your buds are never wet enough to sponsor microorganism growth.

Surprisingly, the water activity test –a measurement of how much water in a substance interrelates with its environment’s water content, is easier to attain than moisture content analysis.

Favorable and Unfavorable Water Activity Levels in Cannabis?

Water activity in cannabis can either be favorable for microbes and mold or not. But, it’s essential to understand the conditions that surround each;

High water activity in cannabis measured above 0.60 it’s a favorable condition and environment for microorganisms to grow. However, 0.60 is still quite manageable and acceptable because not all microbes can thrive at this level. 

If the water activity measures up to 0.65 or above, it’s then considered too high, as that’s a highly favorable condition of growth for most types of mold and microbe. And as a result, you might have to take steps towards cutting the water activity levels.

However, it’s essential to pay attention to your water activity as at below 0.55, most dried and cured cannabis are often at the risk of drying up and terpene degradation.

Readings that are closest to 0.55 are still quite acceptable and are not favorable for any molds or microbes. At this rate, you might also have to pay close attention to your cannabis and ensure you don’t go to 0.50 or lower. You might also have to try rehydrating when the need arises. 

Our expert consultants at Belcosta Labs are available round the clock to guide you through what you need to do for a quality water activity testing. 

Can Cannabis Testing Lab in California identify Microbial Contamination?

Yes, but you must ensure you use the service of reputable Labs such as Belcosta – a leader in California and Sacramento, who are continuously accredited by A2LA. to conduct several cannabis compliance tests, including water activity testing

Water activity is undoubtedly the best tool in the arsenal of a cannabis grower to identify and deal with microbial contaminants and treat and tackle them before shipping off the buds or flower for consumption. 

Compared to moisture analysis, water activity testing is more informative about the water content and microbial activities and allows you to be proactive.

Belcosta Labs is the best place to go for water activity testing and other necessary compliance tests in California. After helping many cannabis startups and businesses improve their quality control approach, we’ve built a broad base of hands-on experience and knowledge that can benefit your business and help you increase your profit margins.



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