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BelCosta LABS conducts testing for detection of contaminants such as mycotoxins in cannabis.

What We Do

BelCosta Labs conducts testing for detection of pesticides in cannabis. Microextraction protects our manufacturer customers by taking the flower the manufacturers want to extract and concentrating this flower to see low level pesticides that may affect their ultimate full extraction. This add-on test helps to protect manufacturers from pesticides failures. Trace amounts of pesticides can exceed harmful levels when the flower biomass is processed into extracts and/or concentrates, and this can put consumers at risk of biological disorders and illnesses, including certain types of cancer.

Our Microextraction test detects and quantifies pesticides as mandated by the state of California.

Below are some features of our Pesticide analysis:

The analysis data helps to evaluate your cannabis samples for the presence of pesticides before extracting the flower.

The procedure uses advanced instruments and efficient test methods – Liquid Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) to quantify the amount of Pesticides in a sample.

Fast and reliable results.

Expert scientists and customer representatives available to interpret results and assess potential risks.

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Microextraction test is an investigative procedure that is useful for screening your cannabis flower biomass for trace amounts of pesticides. This analysis offers insight into the potential contamination of a final product.

With the BelCosta Labs microextraction test, clients can easily evaluate pesticide risk and determine whether a specific batch of flower is fit for use.

What do you need for microextraction?

BelCosta Labs recommends that you follow some simple steps in sampling to improve the results and efficacy of our microextraction procedure;

The batch size:

To provide the best representative sample of your entire biomass, BelCosta Labs recommend that you establish an upper limit for your sample batches i.e., 100 lbs, 250 lbs, etc. For this microextraction procedure, we need a minimum sample size of 28g and a maximum of 100g.

However, we recommend that you establish an internal sampling procedure to stay consistent with sample selection.

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Test that biomass today before production

Analyzing your cannabis biomass, distillate, or flower for traces of pesticides before marketing them to consumers is an important step in production.

This confirmatory testing can be labor intensive. Luckily, Belcosta Labs can provide efficient and rapid quality assurance (QA) testing to identify and quantify the amount of Pesticides present in a sample.

You can take advantage of our Microextraction services today safely in compliance with standards of the State of California.

All information here is subject to editing by the BelCosta LABS manager, based on their unique specifications for their microextraction test procedure.

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