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Starting a Vape Cartridge Business: Important Factors to Consider

Starting a Vape Cartridge Business: Important Factors to Consider

Recently, the cannabis industry is experiencing a great surge of interest in vape devices and cartridges. In fact, vape cartridge businesses are taking a larger chunk of the market share.

Several CBD and THC brands that were once focused on just flower-based products are now picking interest and transitioning into the world of vaping as the demands are skyrocketing by the day.

Now, as a cannabis business owner, you might have imagined why many consumers are shifting interest to the side of disposable cartridges. Well, the simple reason is that these devices offer a high level of convenience.  

I mean, who wouldn’t love a smart combo of marijuana cartridge and pen battery that can be enjoyed from almost anywhere. Moreover, you don’t get to spend much on batteries, and you get a chance to freely try different brands and cartridges.

Now, in terms of production, cartridge hardware is easily sourced and brands focus more on concentrates rather than overall designing a complete oil vaporizer. However, it is important to note that not all vaporizers are created equal. That’s where quality assurance testing comes in.

And, BelCosta Labs – the leading California compliance testing laboratory – has put together some important factors to keep in mind when starting a vape business. Without further ado, let’s look into these points.

Factors to Consider when Starting a Vape Cartridge Business

Product Viscosity

One characteristic that consumers look out for is cannabis oils with higher viscosity. These thicker oils produce better vapor clouds than the thinner options. Unfortunately, not all cartridges are built to carry high-viscous concentrates.

More so, keep in mind that you’d need higher temperatures to vaporize thick extracts. Little wonder, the ceramic hardware is always preferred over the metal counterparts.

Ceramic coils are far more heat resistant than metal options. Also, the ceramic cartridges permit efficient distribution of heat. This feature allows your team to focus more on developing viscous oils.

On the other hand, operating metal coils at temperatures needed to vaporize thicker extracts could result in heavy metal leaching, which is a potential safety hazard.

Consider the Risk of Heavy Metal Leaching

Just as we’ve mentioned above, you need to consider the materials used in constructing your vape cartridges. Several kinds of research have shown that toxic metals can potentially leach into the extracts in the vape tank.

Many studies have revealed the presence of chromium, lead, magnesium. And other toxic metal materials in cannabis oils used in cartridges. And even small amounts of heavy metals can cause serious damage to health, including neurotoxicity and organ failure.

Unfortunately, leaching can be hard to prevent and it can even occur after the cartridge gets to the hands of consumers.

Although reputable labs like Belcosta Labs conduct heavy metal testing. You still need to note that leaching can take place after the retail sale.

However, the best way to avoid the presence of heavy metals in your vape products is to avoid metal cartridges completely.

We often recommend ceramic-based cartridges and coils – as this material offers better performance and cancels the chance of heavy metal leaching.

Consider Potential for Clogging and Leakage

Using cotton wicking material has been found to raise the potential for clogging caused by spitback.

When this wick becomes oversaturated, the oil tends to cook instead of vaporize. This causes it to bubble up through the mouthpiece. And when the oil cools down, it tends to clog the drip tip, causing difficulty in taking draws.

So instead of cotton wicking materials, consider using ceramic coils – they do not need cotton wicks, taking out the potential for spitback.

Also, several factors could result in leaking, which leads to wasting of cannabis oil. Consumers hate when this happens because it ruins their experience and wastes their money.

As a vape cartridge business owner, you don’t want to be in this kind of situation as it can ruin your brand’s reputation.

Hence, make sure you don’t use tanks made from cheap material – this can be prone to breaking and cracking. Use strong materials – like the impact-proof quartz – for your tank design.

Words of Advice from BelCosta Labs

When starting a vape cartridge business, make sure you consider the materials used. Keep in mind that cartridges made from ceramics are way better. Safer and more efficient than their plastic and metal counterparts.

But ensure you put your cannabis oils through heavy metal testing to ensure it stays compliant with regulations given by the California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control.Now, when it comes to quality assurance testing, BelCosta is the leading laboratory-testing center in California and Sacramento. You can use our Client Portal conveniently and get all your cannabis-based products tested for compliance to ensure they’re fit for the legal marketplace.



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