Microbiological Testing of Cannabis in California: Expert Guide

Consumer safety should be the top priority for every cultivator and cannabis-based business. In other words, it is important that every cannabis product is free of bacteria, yeast, mold, and toxins. That’s why California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control mandates cannabis bacteria testing as part of California’s cannabis compliance and regulations to ensure only high-quality and […]

Cannabis Terpene Profile Testing: Why is it Important?

Meta description  – Wondering why cannabis terpene profile testing is important, and why you need to use accredited cannabis testing labs in California? Belcosta has put together the facts on terpene analysis for cannabis and hemp, check it out. Many manufacturers and cultivators still wonder why terpene profile testing is important in the cannabis industry. […]

Cannabis Products and the Need for Potency Testing in California

Following the legalization of cannabis and decriminalization across the 42 states, different cannabis products with different potencies are being introduced into the market. But many manufacturers do not test for potencies of cannabis products, and some others mislabel their products, all of which often cause abuse and serious effects on consumers. Luckily, the Phase one […]